TMO Vibrant - Stock Froyo 2.2 to TeamWhiskey Bionix-v

Ok so I had already bricked on Vibrant so this time I was a lot more cautious. I am currently running Bionix-v on my TMO Vibrant having flashed from the stock Froyo 2.2 build. I ran into a few snags along the way so I wanted to put everything together that I went through since I’m sure other people are having similar problems. 

First off, the root. With Eclair 2.1, rooting was a piece of cake using z4Root. Unfortunately, when I tried on Froyo, it was stuck at running the exploit but didn’t progress from there. After a bit of searching on Google, the solution was to go with SuperOneClick…a PC based utility for rooting. I already had the necessary Samsung drivers installed from previous times of tinkering. Please note that I already had the necessary Samsung drivers on installed on my PC.

Links to all of the resources and posts I referenced are at the bottom of this post.

  1. I put my phone in USB Debug Mode and connected it to the computer
  2. Ran SuperOneClick and selected “Root” on the far left.
  3. Once the phone was rooted I rebooted it just to be on the safe side

At this point I did the following:

  1. Installed ROM Manager and flashed the Clockwork Recovery Mod which puts an file on the root of the internal SD card.
  2. I selected Reboot into Recovery
  3. Once in the stock recovery, I tried to “reinstall packages” but encountered an error in red that stated:

Finding update package…

Opening update package…

Verifying update package…

E: Failed to verify whole-file signature

E: Signature verification failed

Installation aborted

I tried to reinstall ROM Manager with no luck. So I posted a response to an existing post on the XDA forums and was directed to a second post which provided a modded recovery (3e modified to 2e) which allowed access into CWM (Clockwork Mod). In this case, though there was a bit of a trick. According to the post, you set the phone to Debug Mode and run a batch file which installs the modded recovery. The problem was, the adb server which runs from the batch kept timing out. The fix was to run SuperOneClick and select the second button from the left, Shell Root. I kept that running once the dialog box appears, THEN ran the batch script and the modded recovery was installed. 

At this point, I rebooted back into recovery, but was still stuck with the stock recovery options. I read a little further in the post and noted that it is necessary to “reinstall packages” twice in a row in order to get into CWM. I rebooted back into the stock recovery, select “reinstall packages” which forced the phone to reboot. I hit the Vol Up and Vol Down buttons together (the timing is a little iffy, sometimes it didn’t register so I just kept trying by rebooting the phone again) which took me back to the stock recovery. I ran “reinstall packages” a second time and FINALLY was taken into CWM. 

After successfully running a backup, I selected “install from .zip” and chose file which I had previously copied to the internal SD card. I let it run through the install, and sit for the required 15+ minutes. Then rebooted and let it sit for the required 5+ minutes. Then restored everything using Titanium Backup (from an apps backup I previously made).

Whew! Finally running on Bionix-v and tinkering with the settings. I hope this post comes in handy. Leave a comment if this is helpful and pass it on. 

*NOTE* I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone as a result of any of the instructions. If you brick your phone doing anything to it, you take your own responsibility. Do a Google search and see if you can fix it. 


SuperOneClick -

recovery 3e modified to 2e -

Bionix-v 1.2.1 - (I used the Gingerbread edition)

I’m back!

Now let’s see what else I can do with this thing…

Eager for 2010

A new year, a new decade. So many opportunities. I look forward to loving my children, loving my girlfriend, loving my life as it is. I am excited to see what 2010 holds for me not only in my personal life, but in my professional career as well. One of my goals is to expand on my photography with the possibility of going to school for a degree in photography. It all comes down to time.

In my Masonic life, I am going to strive to live more Masonicly; in my faith, to expand my belief in that which is greater than humanity, the GAOTU; in my personal life to live, love, and laugh and see the good in people. I wish everyone all the best this year.